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Japan Again June 27, 2007

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I will be in Tokyo from this Friday (June 29). There will be some talks and a small exhibition of my drawings in Sendai. The first talk will be at the Cinemart Theater in Roppongi, on June 30 (I think you have to make a reservation for this event). The second talk will be at the University of Foreign Studies, on June 6. And the third will be at Book246 in Aoyama, on June 7. For those of you who read Japanese, you can check out my more detailed schedule at www.wildwitness.com

I’ve never been to Sendai before, so I’m excited about that.

See you!



1. noi - June 30, 2007

พี่น่าจะจัดที่ไทยบ้างนะจ๊ะ งานภาพเขียน
ไม่เคยดูของจริง เห็นแต่ในหนังส์อ =^__^=

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