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Counting Reflections in the Mirror May 10, 2007

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This morning Bangkok was already wet and gloomy when I woke up–my favorite kind of weather, and a perfect day for me in many ways. I have to finish my article for GM magazine (Thailand). It’s about Nick Drake, the English folk singer-songwriter whose music became quietly but increasingly influential since he died in 1974, at the age of 26. Drake’s delicate and unusual arrangements of acoustic strings and his fragile singing voice have inspired listeners to associate his work with sadness. I don’t think his music is sad. I think his songs are more like sighs of resignation. When I listen to his music I usually picture someone lying in bed on a rainy morning, staring out the window, thinking about everything and murmuring to him or herself, “oh, well.”

But I myself am not really in the Nick Drake mood today. I received the Japanese version of my short story collection in the mail. i can’t stop molesting this book! I think it looks wonderful, thanks to Koji (the publisher of Typhoon Books Japan), Endo-san (Endo Kazunari, the designer), and Yuzawa-san (Yuzawa Kaori, the artist who did the drawing on the cover). The title of this collection is Kagami no Naka o Kazoeru, which I am told means something like “counting reflections in the mirror”. The translations of the stories are all done by professor Udo Seiji, who is a great karaoke singer as well as a much respected teacher of Thai language in Tokyo.

This book is not my first book published in Japan, but it should represent my literary work better than the previous book, which was the script for the film Last Life in the Universe (the title in Japanese is different, but I can’t remember it at the moment).

I look forward to getting feedback from Japanese readers.



1. foneko - May 10, 2007

めっちゃ よみたい、でも 今 日本語が下手です *_*

2. kahori - May 11, 2007

Congratulations on your book, and I’ve already got it!

3. kimm - May 11, 2007

I got your new book!!! So excited. I’ve just read you and Udo-sensei’s epilogue…from tomorrow, I’ll bring your book. Also so nice book design!! I love it.


4. typhoonprabda - May 11, 2007

thanks all for visiting!

5. bss - May 12, 2007

新しいブロックですよ. クール!!!

6. Yo - May 13, 2007

Congratulations both on the collection of your short stories in Japanese and this blog in English!

I hope more Japanese can communicate with you through these two channels.

For visitors, the Japanese title of “Last Life in the Universe” is 地球で最後のふたり (Chikyu de Saigo no Futari).

7. bss - May 14, 2007


Have you ever listen Savier Rudd before?, let’s try on him, his sound like Nick Drake , it’s darkly but so sweet.

8. Hiroshi - May 19, 2007

I’m glad to read your works in Japanese.I could feel the ferment of readng in flipping pages,which has been a long time not to meet such a nice book.
Not only in Japan,the book is distributed at Kinokuniya in Bangkok as well.I appreciate distributors too.
Good works.

9. m! - May 23, 2007

hey prabda!
I guess i have to brush up my japanese if i wanted to read
ur fabulous looking new book. Here we go, that is the beauty
in music that we don’t necessary need to know the lyrics to
enjoy it. Point in case I have for you to check out. Something i came across during my prolonged stay in London (heading back to Japan on friday, that is in two days). The North Sea Radio Orchestra ( released by http://www.oofrecords.co.uk )
Check it out on a day when u are not in a Nick Drake mood.
It might just make your day!
Take care and hope to see you soon in Bangkog or Tokyo.

10. felice farfalla - May 25, 2007

Paying a small visit ka ^_^

11. typhoonprabda - May 25, 2007

Thanks, Martin. Maybe I’ll be able to find their album in Tokyo. And maybe I’ll be able to see you too!

12. mila - June 3, 2007

congratulations! the book looks fab.
your expression is so serious in the photo. that’s such a wrinkle-inducing frown, make some funny face next time.

13. chomphuu - June 4, 2007

Dear Prabda-san

Thank you for the interview the other day in Japan.
I am very glad to get this book recently and have already read through the stories!
The stories run conter totally to my expectations in a good sense, because they are not the “falmiliar Thai style fiction”.
The first story is so interesting for me, and then after reading through all the stories, I understood your comment,
“They have the common problems of both Thai or Japanese young people, you can replace the Thai character with Japanese character in those stories”. Indeed! Because all the characters are you in disguise and me in deisguise.
And yet they have the scent of Thailand which I love, and somehow they reminds me of Siam Discovery Center.
Sorry for the bad English! I enjoyed all the stories.

14. nara - June 6, 2007

Chikyuu de Saigo no Futari — the last two people on earth

I like the English and Thai titles better, but I like both the film and the book (in Thai of course).

15. nara - June 6, 2007

~~ What does ‘your comment is awaiting moderation mean’?

16. typhoonprabda - June 6, 2007

For some reason the blog was set in the way that it wouldn’t allow comments to be posted directly. I tried to change this. I hope now everyone can comment freely.

17. your reader - July 19, 2007

you’re so great
i’m just 19 years old ,but your thought so affected me

faith each day,right?

18. WHITESTONE Risin' - August 26, 2007

Today, I had lend new Japanese translate in Nagasaki prefectural library.
If I read, I will write review in my weblog, sure.

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